Over the course of a quarter of a century in this business we have not only seen quite a few changes, but also we have been responsible for quite a few as well. In fact, many of the companies we have represented over the years have become market leaders in their niche. As an example here is a list of some of our achievements on behalf of our vendors over the years.

  1. Since our creation in 1976, ASA has sold nearly Two Billion Dollars worth of product for our chosen vendors!
  2. We helped to develop, introduce, and sell the first plastic livestock watering tank. Plastic tanks now have over 85% of the us market
  3. We helped introduce the first insecticide ear tag for cattle
  4. We introduced and sold the first self-adhesive elastic bandage for large animals and pets
  5. We helped to develop the first sustained release sulfur bolus for cattle into the OTC market. This product is STILL the market leader
  6. We introduced and sold the first temporary electric fencing products to the US market
  7. We Introduced the first metered aerosol kit for insecticides and air fresheners. The company we introduced now has a majority of the metered aerosol agricultural market
  8. We sold the first plastic lined feed bunk in the US market.

We have been fortunate enough to have many more achievements. Perhaps some of these may relate more directly to your business. We would be pleased to discuss our experiences with you to demonstrate how thorough and effective we are when we take on a product line.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.