About ASA

ASA Founder Jerry R. Bellar

Agri-Sales Associates, Inc. was formed in January of 1976 to provide a national sales force of experienced, qualified manufacturer’s representatives for companies selling to the agricultural, lawn and garden, hardware, and veterinary markets.

The average salesperson costs a company $150,000 to $200,000 per year when salaries, fringe benefits, and travel expenses are included. We have proven that Agri-Sales Associates can combine sales efforts with non-conflicting lines, thereby greatly reducing sales costs while increasing sales volume.

The ASA sales personnel, who average twelve years of experience in sales, management, and technical service, are strategically located throughout the United States for greatest market penetration.

Our experience, key account contacts, and proven sales ability make it possible to produce immediate sales with minimum training and supervision. We know the potential customers and are accustomed to regular overnight travel to properly represent a company. ASA has been successful in setting many sales records for leading manufacturers.

All members of Agri-Sales Associates operate on a straight commission basis, and pay their own expenses. Because of this, we only represent quality products with growth potential, and maximum effort is given to increase sales. Our members represent companies exclusively under contract to Agri-Sales Associates.

The industry is rapidly changing in the ways products have been historically sold.

Agri-Sales Associates offers a new concept that is efficient and effective.